You can find relief from back pain without the side effects of pain-relief drugs.

Pain is a warning system. It is essentially the body’s method of telling you that something is wrong. Pain is important – without it, abnormal conditions may continue undetected, causing irreversible damage to vital parts of your body.

Most insurance carriers cover the cost of TENS, and you can use the units at home for 24-hour pain management.

Even though pain is a much needed warning signal, there are certain instances where pain serves little necessary purpose.

This type of pain, often referred to as chronic pain, instead becomes a burden on the individual. for many individuals, chronic pain is untreatable and is often associated with diseases, such as arthritis or simple wear and tear on the body. Chronic pain is not necessarily the result of injury and may even be present after successful surgery. Unlike pain described in the first paragraph, this type of pain is not necessary for the well being of the human body.

If you have chronic pain, learn more about TENS, a proven safe and non-narcotic tool for the treatment of chronic pain.

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