Unethical SEO Firms Are Making A Mockery of SEO Process

92% of the Internet users worldwide use search engines to find the web sites they are looking for. So merely launching a web site won’t make you richer in terms of traffic, popularity and exposure. That’s why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultants or firms have mushroomed at a brisk pace to quench your thirst for traffic. They strive to place your web site at the top of the search engine rankings.

The search engine optimization industry is thriving consistently by capitalizing on ever-increasing desire of the web site owners to wrest the lion’s share of the traffic-pie from their rivals. Fierce competition for popularity is the lifeline of the SEO industry.

The honesty and integrity in promise and service are two key factors the SEO firms or experts are always trying to maintain. But there are also some unethical SEO firms who make lofty promises to hoodwink the clients of search engine optimization services. Eventually they fall well short of fulfilling their promises. But in the mean time, they make quick bucks and put other honest and ethical SEO firms under scanner.

These fraudulent SEO firms float some false promises that, in turn, give birth to some general misconceptions. These misconceptions are too deep-rooted to be wiped out from clients’ psychology. As a responsible SEO service provider, it is our duty to allay those grossly misleading notions on SEO services. These are the bottlenecks that we have tried to remove in the ensuing discussion to make life easier for ourselves and the SEO industry as a whole. We sincerely hope it will be an eye-opener for SEO clients so that they can ward off the evils of SEO industry.

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