Photo Booth Frames- A Personal Wedding Reception Touch Your Guests Will Love!

A photo booth is a great way for your guests to have fun while they are at your reception. Everybody loved those random photo booths in the malls when they were a kid, so why not offer a way to remember your reception by giving them photo booth picture frames to frame their pictures? An acyclic photo booth picture frame is a great way to help your guests remember the fun times at your wedding reception. You will find that there are plenty of ways to present a photo booth frame to family and friends.

Frame Your Event!

•Let the photo frame double as a wedding favor. It is a very affordable yet elegant way to add charm and class to your reception.

•Use the frame as a place setting on the dinner tables. This is also a way to keep track of your guests and ensure that everyone at your reception gets a photo booth picture frame.

Personalize Your Reception

Use a photo booth frame to connect with each guest on a personal level. There is enough room on the frame to include not only the name and table number of the guest, but also a little something extra. For example:

•Consider writing out a brief but thoughtful message to each guest personally.

•Choose a favorite quote that you would like to share with each guest. You may wish to use the same quote for each guest or a different one on each table. This makes for a unique conversation piece for your everyone!

•If you have enough time or you have a smaller guest list, consider a sweet message that is personalized for every family member or friend. It sounds like quite an immense task, but it is an absolutely wonderful way to stay close to those sharing your special day.

Messages From Your Guests

Add a small piece of paper to the back of the photo frame with a question such as “How did you meet the bride and groom?” or “Add your favorite memory of the couple”. This prompts your guests to share their memories of you in a small but personal way. Keep a large basket by the photo booth for guests to drop the papers in when they finish.

A photo booth picture frame is a fun touch to any wedding or event. It also reminds the guest of the fun that they could be having in the photo boot rental Miami, FL, creating laughs and memories!

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